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The Farce Awakens

Just been to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. No spoilers here, but I have to comment on it, as it really wasn't what I was expecting at all. The popcorn guy said to me, "I've seen it three times already. You'll love it." I assume he was referring to the movie, and as I'd heard nothing but positive things in the media about it, I was looking forward to a good day's entertainment. OMG, how wrong could I be? I know it makes me a heretic, but watching this movie was a distinctly underwhelming experience. I mean, to start with, it felt cheap. CHEAP? Yes, really. The other Star Wars movies always felt lavish, and Lucas, for all his faults, made them look great, with sweeping panorama shots of landscapes, ships arriving, etc, before every major scene or new location. The Force Awakens, on the other hand, looked and felt like it was made for TV. I know previous movies have been criticised for having too much CGI, but this one needed a whole lot more, because it …

August 99c sale!

Yes, that's right folks. Each of the five X-Troop books is now available for just 99c (99p) till the end of August. Am I mad? Well, of course I'm mad. I'm a writer. But don't worry about that. If you have any of the stories missing from your collection, now's the time to get your sweaty mitts on them, before my meds kick in.

Amazon Links:
X-Troop 1: Amped
X-Troop 2: Assembled
X-Troop 3: The Tollon Codex
X-Troop 4: Bunker 51
X-Troop 5: Arctic Run

The X-Troop Collection: Books 1-5

The X-Troop series is now available as a complete collection in one ebook.
Follow Alex Harvey and his elite team as they track down alien infiltrators through the backstreets of England, the jungles of Guatemala and the frozen wastes of Canada. Hidden among the human population, the genetically engineered aliens have plans that could doom humanity, and only X-Troop, with their own genetic enhancements, can stop them. But with alien masterminds and shadowy government organisations to contend with too, Alex knows the odds are stacked against his team, because nothing is quite what it seems.
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Hot on the heels of my last release, I am pleased to announce another! This, however, is a re-release of my first novel, Even The Dead Dance To Live, spruced up with a gorgeous new cover and some light re-editing.

Re-reading this while editing has been a nice surprise. I'd forgotten how involved the tale was. For those of you who haven't read the original, it follows the travails of an ex-cop named Shakespeare Cruz in the aftermath of a civil war on the far-off moon Callisto. Shakespeare is taking care of his adopted daughter, unaware that her real father, a brutal warlord, is closing in on his location. Mayhem will ensue.

It's not just a simple tale of survival, vengeance and action, however. For Callisto, I did a hell of a lot of research on the real Callisto, the frozen moon that orbits Jupiter, and looking back, I'm kind of impressed at how much information I included in the story. Callisto is a real place, and I wanted the reader to physically walk the landscape …

Arctic Run

Well, dear long suffering readers, you've waited a long time for the fifth instalment of the X-Troop series to arrive, but the good news is... IT'S HERE!!!!

Yes, my apologies for taking so long with this one. Eight months was too long to wait. But it's here now, and you can follow Alex's adventures in Canada's frozen north as he attempts to track down the fugitive Xeen and its hybrid monstrosities. This is the end game, and the conclusion of the struggle between X-Troop and the Xeen's attempt to trigger the invasion of Earth. Who wins? Well, I'll let you find out, but on the way you'll be treated to the action-fest that you will surely expect by now, with an unrelenting pace and an explosive (and perhaps surprising) ending.

The best news is that it is available for just 99 cents (or 99 pence) until June 12th, so grab it while it's cheap, sit back and enjoy Alex's last thrill ride as he kicks ass, no quarter given, none asked.

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Free download of The Tollon Codex

Get a free download of the third book in the X-Troop series, available on Amazon from 10th Feb to the 14th Feb. What better way to treat your loved one on Valentine's day than with a tale of ripped warriors, aliens and Mayan ruins? No? Well, you could attempt to pass the kindle across, hidden discreetly under a box of chocolates. And flowers. I've heard that works too. But, if for some bizarre reason (I know, I know) that tale of romantic Mayan legends, passionate mountain jungles and a seriously high body count fails to do the trick, you'll know at least that it didn't cost you anything. Well, except for a complete lack of sex that evening, but hey, don't say I didn't warn you.

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Whingers, Wankers and Publishing

We've heard all the usual complaints about ebooks and Amazon forcing small bookstores to close, driving traditional publishers to the wall. There's been a lot of hand-wringing about how an ereader cannot replace a paperback because the paper feels so nice to touch, the book feels more substantial - so you feel you are reading something of worth - and it's easier to gift a book than an ebook. Every year, it seems, someone in an article rejoices at the fall in ebook sales that, for some reason, never actually happens. And many people cannot wait for the Indie publishing phenomenon to finally collapse under the weight of its own crap, so that readers can return to the protective bosom of the professional publisher, certain at last of being able to read a 'quality' book that is free of typos and poor plots. We've heard it all before, and since I wrote on this subject three years ago in Dinosaurs Ate My Ebook, nothing much has happened to change my mind on this. Al…

Dare He?

I don't know about you, but I've been seeing a lot of these straight-to-DVD movies in my local supermarket in recent months. Movies that nobody even tried to get into a cinema, because they were that rubbish. Just the titles make me laugh, like Rutger Hauer´s 'Hobo With A Shotgun'. The covers and packaging may be getting more professional, but there's no doubting what you're going to get inside. Recently there have been a string of gung-ho war movies out, with actors you've never heard of and plots that make The Simpsons look like serious intellectual property. My current favourite is the second movie in the 'He Who Dares' series, called 'Downing Street Siege'. Presumably, 'He Who Dares' refers to the sheer gall it took to make a second movie. I haven't seen the movie, and I don't plan to, but the blurb on the back of the case made me giggle. SAS hard men in a race against time to save the life of the kidnapped …

I'm Back!

Did you miss me?

What do you mean, you didn't know I was gone? Are you serious? You did not have occasion to wonder at the absence of the witty one liners, the acerbic reviews, the bold and perceptive reportage on the world of indie publishing?

Okay, okay, but you could have at least noticed the cobwebs...

Anyway, I'm back in the saddle, and I come bearing gifts. First is the news that work has resumed on the X-Troop series and, two weeks into the New Year, the fifth book is going well. We begin the new novel with Alex stranded in the far north. How? Why? Well, you'll have to see, but winter is drawing in, the lakes are freezing over, the snow will soon fall, and Alex finds himself on his toughest assignment yet, looking for an enemy who's disappeared, and struggling to find the clues he needs to prevent a global disaster. The clock is ticking, and once again X-Troop are involved in a race against time. But they always are, aren't they? And why change things, eh?