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Hot on the heels of my last release, I am pleased to announce another! This, however, is a re-release of my first novel, Even The Dead Dance To Live, spruced up with a gorgeous new cover and some light re-editing.

Re-reading this while editing has been a nice surprise. I'd forgotten how involved the tale was. For those of you who haven't read the original, it follows the travails of an ex-cop named Shakespeare Cruz in the aftermath of a civil war on the far-off moon Callisto. Shakespeare is taking care of his adopted daughter, unaware that her real father, a brutal warlord, is closing in on his location. Mayhem will ensue.

It's not just a simple tale of survival, vengeance and action, however. For Callisto, I did a hell of a lot of research on the real Callisto, the frozen moon that orbits Jupiter, and looking back, I'm kind of impressed at how much information I included in the story. Callisto is a real place, and I wanted the reader to physically walk the landscape …