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Half-time Update

Apparently, some place called France won the World Cup yesterday. The English went home rather displeased.

Can't say I've been keeping up, to be honest, though I have been gripped by the Thai Cave Rescue, which really did show humanity at its best. But these are all distractions from the job in hand, which in this case happens to be Solar Dawn, the third book in the Survival EMP series. It contains neither knights, soccer nor shrubberies. And it's not finished yet.

I suppose there's still time to squeeze them in somewhere...

But no, the serious work must continue. What can you expect from Solar Dawn? Well, a whole bunch of things, including a few changes of location. Expect to see more of the mountains of North Carolina, as Rick's group prepare to move. I can't give the reasons why, but the story will take a new turn. There's also new characters to meet, and you're going to hear a lot more about the mysterious Major Connors, who appeared at the end of …