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The Dark Tower: A Review

I finally got round to watching The Dark Tower today. I've been waiting a while to watch this movie. The trailer looked good, I've read most of the original Stephen King books and I love Idris Elba. I won't say I was completely disappointed, but I admit to being a little underwhelmed. It wasn't a bad movie. Merely okay. I thought it could have been better.
Warning: There will be spoilers. And I'm going to say some hurtful things about this movie, so if you're a die-hard Stephen King fan, you might want to turn away now.
Or you might not, seeing as King fans have already been saying hurtful things about this movie. In fact, some were criticising this on the basis of the trailer alone, because they could already see that the legacy of the books they loved was being distorted and sold short. I haven't bothered reading all of the fan commentary as I'm not particularly interested in scrutinising butt-hurt, but even non-fans found the movie a bit meh. So I&#…