Solar Dawn

Solar Dawn, the third book in the Survival EMP series, is now available on pre-order for just 99c at Amazon and Amazon UK. The book goes live on December 12, 2018, after which the price goes up to $2.99.

Since Amazon doesn't provide the 'read inside' function during the period of the pre-order, I have pasted the first chapter below for you to sample.

Book Description:
The storm has ended, winter is over and a new dawn will rise in American history. It may not be the bright future many hoped for.
Rick’s family and friends have survived the predations of raiders and the ravages of winter. Now they have to leave the radioactive city of Charlotte, striking out for the mountains. Following in the wake of previous refugees, they encounter a land picked clean of resources, with embattled settlements hostile to strangers and gangs dominating the areas in between.
Rick finds that safe havens are hard to come by, and his military experience might not be enough to keep his family safe…

Half-time Update

Apparently, some place called France won the World Cup yesterday. The English went home rather displeased.

Can't say I've been keeping up, to be honest, though I have been gripped by the Thai Cave Rescue, which really did show humanity at its best. But these are all distractions from the job in hand, which in this case happens to be Solar Dawn, the third book in the Survival EMP series. It contains neither knights, soccer nor shrubberies. And it's not finished yet.

I suppose there's still time to squeeze them in somewhere...

But no, the serious work must continue. What can you expect from Solar Dawn? Well, a whole bunch of things, including a few changes of location. Expect to see more of the mountains of North Carolina, as Rick's group prepare to move. I can't give the reasons why, but the story will take a new turn. There's also new characters to meet, and you're going to hear a lot more about the mysterious Major Connors, who appeared at the end of …

Solar Winter: Sample First Chapter

Chapter 1 With its old-fashioned charm and relative isolation, it could have been paradise. Hugging the banks of the slow-flowing Cape Fear River, the hundred-acre farm was a snapshot of what it must have looked like when Scottish settlers came to this part of North Carolina, clearing the trees and planting their first crops in the loamy soil. Deer would have poked their inquisitive noses out of the surrounding woods, and flintlock muskets would have belched smoke to bag the first wild turkeys. Maybe the settlers would have seen Indians across the wide river, or paddling in their war canoes to trade pelts for trinkets, one warrior tribe to another. Wood would have been chopped and sawed, with chisels cutting notches for interlocking pieces. Barns and outbuildings will have been erected by multiple hands working in community. They would have been smaller, perhaps, than the large cypress barn Sergeant Rick Nolan was currently looking at, but the principle was the same. Running his hand al…

Solar Winter

Solar Winter, the second book in the Survival EMP series, is now available on pre-order for just 99c at Amazon and Amazon UK. The book goes live on March 20th.

How do you survive when you haven’t prepared? The solar storm has all but destroyed American society, and the survivors are left picking over the ruins. Rick’s family and friends face a bleak future. Winter’s coming, and with it the greatest test they’ve ever had to face together. With no supplies, and nowhere safe to bug out to, they’re starting from zero.  Forgotten skills have to be relearned, and improvised solutions are needed just to stay alive. But time is running out. With each passing week come troubling signs of a more immediate threat than hunger. Dangerous foes lurk nearby, and Rick’s tiny group cannot stay hidden forever. Ready or not, the time will come when they have to fight. Or be annihilated.

The Dark Tower: A Review

I finally got round to watching The Dark Tower today. I've been waiting a while to watch this movie. The trailer looked good, I've read most of the original Stephen King books and I love Idris Elba. I won't say I was completely disappointed, but I admit to being a little underwhelmed. It wasn't a bad movie. Merely okay. I thought it could have been better.
Warning: There will be spoilers. And I'm going to say some hurtful things about this movie, so if you're a die-hard Stephen King fan, you might want to turn away now.
Or you might not, seeing as King fans have already been saying hurtful things about this movie. In fact, some were criticising this on the basis of the trailer alone, because they could already see that the legacy of the books they loved was being distorted and sold short. I haven't bothered reading all of the fan commentary as I'm not particularly interested in scrutinising butt-hurt, but even non-fans found the movie a bit meh. So I&#…

Dunkirk: Anatomy of a Disaster

Christopher Nolan's new movie, Dunkirk, came out in cinemas this week, and I watched it yesterday. I can't say I was impressed. The real historical event, the retreat of the British Army in the face of the German Blitzkrieg through France in 1940, was indeed a military disaster, in spite of the defiant spin. Allied forces were comprehensively defeated in less than a month and forced to evacuate from continental Europe. The film, however, is itself something of a disaster. Eagerly anticipated and long overdue, it has nevertheless convinced me that creating a decent and well-made war movie has become a lost art.

I grew up watching old war movies. In the sixties and seventies, there were many folk still alive who survived WWII, and quite a few of them were involved in writing adventure war novels and making movies. Because the memory of the war was still fresh, carried in the memories of those who lived through it, there was no real need to make a movie about war, explaining exa…