Tuesday 4 August 2015

August 99c sale!

Yes, that's right folks. Each of the five X-Troop books is now available for just 99c (99p) till the end of August. Am I mad? Well, of course I'm mad. I'm a writer. But don't worry about that. If you have any of the stories missing from your collection, now's the time to get your sweaty mitts on them, before my meds kick in.

Amazon Links:
X-Troop 1: Amped
X-Troop 2: Assembled
X-Troop 3: The Tollon Codex
X-Troop 4: Bunker 51
X-Troop 5: Arctic Run

The X-Troop Collection: Books 1-5

The X-Troop series is now available as a complete collection in one ebook.
Follow Alex Harvey and his elite team as they track down alien infiltrators through the backstreets of England, the jungles of Guatemala and the frozen wastes of Canada. Hidden among the human population, the genetically engineered aliens have plans that could doom humanity, and only X-Troop, with their own genetic enhancements, can stop them. But with alien masterminds and shadowy government organisations to contend with too, Alex knows the odds are stacked against his team, because nothing is quite what it seems.

Available at Amazon and Amazon UK