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Solar Dawn

Solar Dawn, the third book in the Survival EMP series, is now available on pre-order for just 99c at Amazon and Amazon UK. The book goes live on December 12, 2018, after which the price goes up to $2.99.

Since Amazon doesn't provide the 'read inside' function during the period of the pre-order, I have pasted the first chapter below for you to sample.

Book Description:
The storm has ended, winter is over and a new dawn will rise in American history. It may not be the bright future many hoped for.
Rick’s family and friends have survived the predations of raiders and the ravages of winter. Now they have to leave the radioactive city of Charlotte, striking out for the mountains. Following in the wake of previous refugees, they encounter a land picked clean of resources, with embattled settlements hostile to strangers and gangs dominating the areas in between.
Rick finds that safe havens are hard to come by, and his military experience might not be enough to keep his family safe…