Monday 4 September 2023

The Operator


I'm pleased to announce that my new novel, The Operator, is now out on pre-order at Amazon. It goes live on September 8th, 2023.

Former Navy SEAL Matt Beach runs a bar in the Bahamas. He’s living the life. Then a stranger comes into his bar and offers to recruit him for some shady purpose, saying he was sent by an old buddy of Matt’s. When that same buddy winds up dead, south of the border, Matt sets out to find out why.

Pursued by mysterious assailants and stonewalled by corrupt officials, Matt’s investigation takes him from the swamps of Florida to the jungles of Guatemala. What he uncovers gets more sinister the deeper he goes.

As the danger grows and the stakes rise, Matt will need to use all his skills just to survive.

99c on pre-order, $2.99 once it goes live.

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