Wednesday 2 February 2022

A Series Name Change


When I first released Hell's Gate not long ago, it was to be the first book in a series known as Gene War. That's bugged me since, because that's a dumb name for a series. In fact, it was a last minute change, as it was meant to be Ezra's war. So I changed it back to what it always should have been. This suits the series better, as it really does revolve around the title character.

One reviewer has already described Ezra as mentally ill. That's not correct, but clearly Ezra's not going to everyone's cup of tea. As an author, that's a risk, but anybody who's read my books should know that I'm not really into vanilla characters. Or vanilla stories, for that matter. Well, each to their own.

Circumstances in my personal life have also changed, leaving me less time to write than before. I already wrote slow, so this pushes any timelines out into the weeds. I could even have a George R.R. Martin moment.

I do my best with what I've been given, but I am working on Book 2. It'll just take time. But Ezra's War promises to be as intriguing as the character himself. With a whole galaxy to play with, I hope this will be as exciting to read as it is to write. It should be worth the wait.