Sunday 6 October 2019

Solar Rising Is Out Now

Solar Rising, the fourth and final book of the Survival EMP series, is out now for pre-order. Get it now while it's just 99c.

Rick Nolan's family and friends have survived the Solar Storm and the horrors that followed, but they're not out of the woods yet. They now face their greatest challenge.

In their darkest hour, the survivors must rally if they’re to get their freedom back.
Outsmarted and outgunned, Rick Nolan has reached his lowest point. His wife has been taken prisoner by the new Asheville regime, his best friend is dying and his people are scattered and in hiding. His arch-nemesis, Major Connors, is about to consolidate his tyrannical grip on the region.
Branded an outlaw and forced into the mountains, Rick has to do more than just survive. He has to fight back, but the odds are against him. Torn between saving his wife and protecting his children, Rick is under pressure, and Connors isn’t done with him yet.
In a deadly cat and mouse game, Rick will need every ounce of ingenuity to stay ahead of his foe, and the stakes have never been higher. One mistake and he will lose everything, and everyone, he loves.

Read the first sample chapter Here.

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