Thursday 28 May 2015

Arctic Run

Well, dear long suffering readers, you've waited a long time for the fifth instalment of the X-Troop series to arrive, but the good news is... IT'S HERE!!!!

Yes, my apologies for taking so long with this one. Eight months was too long to wait. But it's here now, and you can follow Alex's adventures in Canada's frozen north as he attempts to track down the fugitive Xeen and its hybrid monstrosities. This is the end game, and the conclusion of the struggle between X-Troop and the Xeen's attempt to trigger the invasion of Earth. Who wins? Well, I'll let you find out, but on the way you'll be treated to the action-fest that you will surely expect by now, with an unrelenting pace and an explosive (and perhaps surprising) ending.

The best news is that it is available for just 99 cents (or 99 pence) until June 12th, so grab it while it's cheap, sit back and enjoy Alex's last thrill ride as he kicks ass, no quarter given, none asked.

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